Experienced Lawyers Handling Condemnation Actions

What could be harder than a legal battle with a government entity seeking to take your property?

That's what condemnation actions usually involve. Condemnation is the legal action in which a government - federal, state or local - seeks to acquire private property for public use. It is often referred to as "taking" by the government. It can be a frightening situation for the property owner - facing the mighty resources of a government agency, and all the bureaucracy, and the potential loss of property. Sometimes a condemnation lawsuit is necessary; sometimes it's not. Legal negotiations can obtain just compensation for the property owner. But, competent, experienced legal representation is often critical to success.

Singleton, Burroughs, Young & Sligh, P.A., has successfully represented numerous property owners in condemnation actions over the years in Conway and throughout the Myrtle Beach area and the surrounding counties in South Carolina. We understand the legal issues. We know how the government works - and we go to court prepared to win on your behalf.

With projects similar to Highway 707, the Aynor Bypass, Market Commons (Back-gate of the former Myrtle Beach Air Force Base), and Highway 701 South, it is likely your property could be impacted by a governmental "taking." With the anticipated growth of our area, more road construction renovation can be expected.

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