Stop Foreclosures With Our Help

Few legal issues are more challenging than a foreclosure in the Myrtle Beach areas or the surrounding counties in South Carolina. It occurs when a lender has loaned money that is secured by a mortgage on real property, and decides to seek a sale of the secured property because the loan is delinquent. Are you owed money? Do you need to foreclose? The issues can be complicated and challenging for the debtor or the creditor – but legal remedies can resolve the issue.

Solving the problem - rather than complicating it - often depends on the skill of the attorneys involved, and a Singleton, Burroughs & Young, we have decades of combined experience dealing with foreclosures from the perspective of the creditor and debtor.

Don't wait - delay can be devastating in a foreclosure case. Contact our firm immediately at 843-492-5882 or email us by completing the form below, and our experienced lawyers will promptly move to provide assistance and relief for you.