Skilled Representation For Real Estate Title Issues

Every property has a history. The record of your home's history, or a home you are interested in buying, is in its title. For many who are buying or selling a home, title issues prove sticking points, and sometimes prove very costly when problems arise.

Some of the most common title issues include:

  • Errors in the public records: Clerical or filing errors in a title could have significant financial consequences.
  • Unknown liens: Liens against the property could compromise your ownership rights.
  • Invalid deeds: A deed must be properly established by a qualified homeowner or it may not be enforceable.
  • Forged documents: Forged documents that enter the public record may obscure the true owner of a property.
  • Unknown easements: You may own the property, but an easement could allow another party to use it for certain purposes.

Our firm can handle all title-related issues for you, including title research and title insurance. We are committed to making your home buying or selling process as smooth and successful as possible.

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