Experienced Assistance With Social Security, Disability And Workers' Comp

Do you need help cutting through all the red tape at the Social Security Office? Feel like your claim for Social Security Disability has dragged on forever without being resolved? Unsure how to handle a worker's compensation issue or a work-relate injury?

Dealing with Social Security issues for clients in Myrtle Beach and the surrounding counties in South Carolina – including Social Security Disability claims — is an important area of practice for the attorneys at Singleton, Burroughs & Young, P.A. We have decades of experience in the field and we understand how to work with the system to help you achieve your goals.

Perhaps you've been injured on the job, and you need workers compensation for your disability. Maybe you've lost time and wages from your injury and you need to be compensated. If so, whether it's a question of workers compensation, disability issues or Social Security – including Social Security Disability – our lawyers can assist you.

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