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Divorce-proofing your company

Couples enter into marriage with a sense of a hope for the future. However, about 50% of marriages unfortunately end in divorce. The ending of a marriage can be especially complicated if the divorcing couple own a business together. This is why it's important for...

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Taxes and divorce negotiations

As some South Carolina couples begin the divorce process, they might find that taxes and tax credits can become a bargaining tool during their negotiations. With taxes and tax credits potentially having a serious impact on finances, it is important to understand the...

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What is the best co-parenting plan?

When parents in South Carolina get a divorce, they often want to split custody 50/50. This can be a great arrangement for the child because it gives them time with both parents, but parents should think carefully before they default to a plan in which the child simply...

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The will executor’s duties

Creating a will for your estate, as well as everything you own or operate, is highly recommended for a myriad of reasons. When an individual has a will in place, it can help reduce infighting among family members and relatives as well as the confusion that surrounds...

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