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Creating a parenting plan that works for your family

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2020 | Divorce

Getting a divorce is never easy, but it can be even more challenging if you have children. It is inevitable that your children’s lives will change as a result of the divorce, but you and your spouse are responsible for making sure that they are just as happy and well taken care of in the future, as they were during the marriage. Creating a detailed parenting plan that both parents adhere to is the key to success for any family going through a divorce. A family law attorney in Horry County can help you come up with an agreement that provides your children with the safety and stability they require.

What to keep in mind

Generally, when a couple agrees to separate, they may choose to sit down with their respective attorneys and work out a child custody plan or parenting plan. Each family’s plan will be catered to their specific needs, but just about every plan will include details regarding the following:

  • Schedule – How will the children divide their time between you and your ex?
  • Decisions – Who will be in charge of making major decisions related to your children or will both of you share that responsibility?
  • Transportation – When/where/how will pickups and drop-offs occur?
  • Holidays and special occasions – Who will spend each holiday/birthday/special occasion with the children? Will you alternate holidays (ex. one spouse takes even year Christmases, the other takes odd years)?
  • Vacations – How far in advance do you need to notify the other parent of any planned vacations?
  • Extended family and family friends – How will you plan the children’s interactions with extended family/family? Would you like to limit the child’s contact with anyone specific?

After reaching an agreement

Once you and your ex agree on a plan, it is time to file your final, signed parenting agreement with the court. Once the judge reviews the parenting agreement to ensure that the agreement was fairly negotiated and serves the best interests of the child, the judge will approve the agreement. The agreement will then be a binding court order that both parents will be legally obligated to follow.