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We Handle Construction Law Disputes

Are you affected by faulty workmanship? Water intrusion in a Myrtle Beach home? Or maybe an issue related to code enforcement in South Carolina? Are you being sued by a disgruntled homeowner claiming you performed “shoddy” work and is refusing to pay? Perhaps you operate a skilled construction or subcontractor firm – and you’re being undermined by countless legalities.

Whether it’s residential or commercial construction, you can’t delay – and Sligh Law Firm can help.

Don’t Let Legal Barriers Slow Down Your Project

Dealing with the demanding and often complicated issues of construction law has long been a focus of our practice at Sligh Law Firm. The construction industry is affected daily by a wide variety of complicated legal issues and problems, including zoning regulations and land use laws, that can change quickly. These issues can impede the construction process and cause costly delays to pile up.

Having knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel readily available before and during construction can save valuable time, reduce expenses and avoid construction-related litigation. And — when the need for litigation is unavoidable, a firm with the experience and insight of is vital.

Personalized Legal Guidance For Construction-Based Issues

To economically and efficiently deal with the legal issues distinctive to the construction industry, contact our attorneys at 843-919-7747 or email us by completing the form below. As a firm active in the rapid development of the Conway and Myrtle Beach area, we understand the nature of the construction industry.