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What careers come with high divorce rates?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2021 | Divorce

Many married couples in South Carolina have thought about divorce, and many different reasons contribute to a marriage’s dissolution. Sometimes, one or both spouses’ professional careers may factor into the marriage coming apart. While any occupation or profession could cause a marriage to suffer strain, three particular jobs rank among the most impacting.

Divorce and professional pursuits

Bringing stress home, spending too much time away from the office, and financial risk factors may lead some professionals to experience higher divorce rates. That does not mean certain professionals will find divorce unavoidable, but some issues related to particular careers may drive the chances up.

Persons involved in the entertainment profession, for example, find their careers to become exceptionally demanding. Spending time away for performance commitments might create friction. Some creative persons must spend significant hours alone to concentrate on their work. Marriages may suffer as a result.

Bartenders and others who spend time with many strangers and develop close relationships with “regulars” may experience marriage problems. Alcohol consumption may lead to fewer inhibitions which, in turn, may lead to infidelity.

Pursuing career goals at the expense of relationships

Sometimes, a particular career path makes it challenging to hold a marriage together. Entrepreneurs find themselves in a tough position if they only get paid when they work. Someone who works as a personal trainer may commit to many hours at a health facility. The trainer may need to work as a rideshare driver in off-hours to make money to cover higher tax rates, health insurance policies, and other expenses. Marriages could then experience problems due to the long work hours.

Working out marital problems is an option for some. Others may find a marriage unsalvageable. Anyone who feels that divorce is unavoidable might want to have legal guidance at the outset of the process.