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The will executor’s duties

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2021 | Probate

Creating a will for your estate, as well as everything you own or operate, is highly recommended for a myriad of reasons. When an individual has a will in place, it can help reduce infighting among family members and relatives as well as the confusion that surrounds the process of distributing assets after a loved one is no longer there. If you are living in South Carolina, understanding the will executor’s duties can help streamline the process of settling assets when the time comes.

What is a will executor?

A will executor is ultimately responsible for carrying out the will itself and making sure the desires of the individual who drafted and created the will are followed to the letter. A will executor will have to go through the probate process to verify the validity of the will prior to its execution.

The will executor’s duties

Understanding the probate process, as well as the duties of the will executor, is key to minimizing stress and confusion among relatives during the process.

Major duties of a will executor include obtaining a copy of the death certificate for the probate process as well as making funeral arrangements and filing the will directly in probate court. Additionally, the will executor is also responsible for locating assets and managing the process of distributing the assets among the heirs listed in the will itself.

The will executor must communicate with necessary allies and associates while simultaneously setting up an estate account to manage the estate assets. Paying ongoing debts and expenses as well as filing tax returns all fall on the will executor.

Once you are familiar with the process of handling an estate and reviewing a will, it is much easier to comprehend the steps necessary in order to execute a will after a relative or loved one has passed. With the help of a legal team and attorney by your side, you can ensure the will executor is abiding by his or her duties and responsibilities at all times.