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Your probate estate checklist

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2022 | Probate

Probate is the term for the legal process of verifying the authenticity of a will. The people who are responsible for opening the estate of a decent and submitting the will for the probate process should follow certain steps. If you’re a South Carolina resident, here are some important things to know.

Find and read the last will and testament

If you have reason to believe the decent created a last will and testament, you should location the document and review it. The will reveals whether the decedent has an executor to handle the estate during the probate process. If the will holder names an executor, the document should be handed over to them.

Make a list of beneficiaries

The will should list all beneficiaries, which are the people the executor wants to leave their assets to. Create a list of the beneficiaries’ names and contact information. If one of the beneficiaries is deceased, obtain their death certificate.

List the decdent’s assets and liabilities

This list should include all the decedent’s assets including cash and bank accounts. Don’t forget to include life insurance policies and fine jewelry since these will be included in the probate hearing as well.

Don’t forget to list the liabilities as well. These are the financial obligations the will holder had. Medical bills, credit card debts, and personal loans should be included in this list.

Review and sign the required documents

Different states have varying requirements for the documents that are required in probate courts. Estate attorneys and court clerks will give you a list of items you need for probate.

After your paperwork has been filed with the court, the judge will admit the estate or will for probate or request additional paperwork.