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Who must consent to an SC adoption?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2022 | Uncategorized

When it comes to relinquishing or consenting to adoption in South Carolina, Section 63-9-310 states that the action must be enforced by a sworn document. The document must be signed by the head of the adoption agency or the agency representative to give permission to the adopted family to care for the adoptee once the adoptee is born. Here are a few more important things to keep in mind when it comes to family law in South Carolina.

Details that should be included in the document

Family law in South Carolina states that the documents must contain the permanent address of the people or adoption agency making the written statement. The document must also include the place where the document was signed as well as the date and time of the signing.

It is also necessary to include the adoptee’s birthdate, gender, sex, and race on the document as well as the relationship between the adoptee and the agency or individual giving relinquishment or consent. Family law statutes also indicate that the full names and addresses of the adoptee’s biological mother and father should be included in the forms.

What does the document entail?

The relinquishment or consent by the individual or agency forfeits all obligations and rights of the person or agency as it pertains to the adoptee, which includes all future obligations for child support. This document does not relieve an individual from paying child support in arrears unless the court approves this.

Once an adoption or child placement agency accepts the relinqushment document for the purpose of adopting a child, the agency now has the right to consent to the child’s adoption. The official document for the adoptee must be filed with the court according to Section 63-9-710 subsection (c).