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Standard Child Visitation Schedules for Parents

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2022 | Divorce

Setting up child visitation schedules in South Carolina is often one of the hardest parts about split custody. There are lots of possible ways to make the schedule work for everyone involved, but it can take a lot of effort and flexibility to find the right balance without being disruptive.

Visitation Schedules

There are several different schedules that make for a good starting point for visitation. For example, alternating weekends, one overnight per week, long summer visits, and splitting extended weekends and holidays can all be part of the mix. There are a lot of factors involved, such as school and work, after-school activities, friends and relationships, and distance. All of these can make visitation easier or harder for one parent or the other during different times.

On the one hand, the visitation should be regular and dependable to provide stability for the child or children, let alone the parents. However, finding a schedule that consistently works for everyone can take time, and it might need modification to ensure that it doesn’t become hard to follow. As the kids get older, this might become easier to manage because their emotional maturity can mean they are more adaptable. The parents should keep in mind that setting a good schedule is collaborative and is not an opportunity to score points or try to win some kind of battle.

There is no best way to create a visitation schedule for shared custody, but there are frameworks and starting points to make the process easier and to provide some guidance so that the parents can get to work on how they want to approach this.