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Factors that must be included in an effective parenting plan

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2022 | Divorce

Gone are the days when divorces in South Carolina involving minor dependent children result in automatic assignment of custody to the mother. The contemporary world has assuredly changed, and this is a definite area of transition. However, the courts are still serious about their advocacy for children when their parents are divorcing because dependents are often caught in the middle of a tedious situation. The family relationship does not end for the most part, but merely shifts to a condition of separation that can be difficult. And there are a few elements of the separation that must be addressed in any parenting plan.


New living arrangements can be difficult for dependent children, and parents should be focused on their well-being above and beyond other concerns. An effective parenting plan should be a solid workable agreement that combines the wishes and needs of the children as well as the parents regardless of child custody plans.


Situations can change for either parent following a divorce. This means that accommodations for child-rearing must often be made as well, and an effective parenting plan can be crafted in a manner that allows for these changes before they actually occur. Even an alteration of custody can be included as a backup plan in the event of a change in family dynamics.


Divorcing parents should be aware that the courts are not required to accept a parenting plan if they expect a problem in visitation and custody arrangements. Family issues such as special needs children could influence the court to suggest alterations or even refuse the plan completely.

A good parenting plan will also typically include designated authority regarding decisions made for the sake of any dependent children. Requests for a specific type of custody order should be included as well.