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How does divorce affect children psychologically?

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2022 | Divorce

If you have gone through a divorce in South Carolina, you know how taxing it is on all members of your family. Children, in particular, seem to struggle especially hard. Divorce has negative psychological effects on them.

They might blame themselves

Some children might blame themselves for their parents’ divorce. Younger kids are more likely to do this because they don’t understand why the family has been broken apart. Often, they also think the parent who has moved out of the home no longer loves them.

Difficulty in school

Kids of all ages can begin having difficulty in school during and after divorce. They could struggle to keep up with homework, have trouble concentrating and their grades can slip. Even children who normally excel in school can have a decline in their studies when their parents get divorced.

Depression and anxiety

Children can begin to exhibit signs of depression or anxiety during a divorce. This is a common psychological effect of the major change in the family. Younger children and older kids alike can experience these problems.

Behavioral problems

Divorce can also lead to kids developing behavioral problems. Children of all ages can act out both at home and in school. They might lash out and act in ways that you’d never expect them to as they go through an internal battle of emotions stemming from the divorce. Teens often engage in risky behavior such as drinking, drugs or sexual activity.

Loss of interest

Kids of divorce often experience a loss of interest in activities they normally enjoy. They might also pull away from their friends while dealing with their parents’ divorce. This makes it harder for them to relate to other people and keep things bottled up.

If your child has difficulty dealing with your divorce, you might want to consider getting them help to cope.