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What is grandparent alienation?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2023 | Family Law

Parents in South Carolina may try to alienate their ex-spouse’s parents from their grandchildren. Unfortunately, when this happens, there can be detrimental effects on older adults and the child. Grandparent alienation can occur in many ways.

Withholding the grandchild

Some parents make it impossible for their parents to see their grandchildren. Other times, the threat is not carried out, but the grandparents must give in to demands placed on them before they can see their grandchildren.

Limiting Access

Sometimes parents place time limits on when the grandparent can see their grandchildren. In these cases, it is always when it is most convenient for the parent without considering the grandparent’s responsibilities in other areas of their life. Therefore, grandparents must choose between things that are important to them and seeing their grandchildren.

Saying negative things about the grandparents

Some parents say negative things about the grandparents in front of their children. This can cause the child not to want to spend time with the grandparents because they trust that what their parents say about them is true. Therefore, grandparents never get to form healthy relationships with their grandchildren.

Forcing the grandparents to give the parents something

Other parents resort to forcing the grandparents to give them something in exchange for seeing their grandchildren. For example, grandparents could be asked to provide the parents with their share of their inheritance while the grandparents are still alive in exchange for seeing their grandchildren. Often, these cases end up in family court.

Grandparent alienation can take on many forms, but it always involves withholding the grandchildren from the grandparents.