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Keeping Clear Documentation Helps The Co-Parenting Journey

On Behalf of | May 31, 2023 | Divorce

After divorce, parents in South Carolina often embark on a co-parenting journey. While they might both be committed to raising their children in a positive environment, their own relationship might not always be free of conflict. In some cases, one parent might not be cooperative, affecting the co-parenting relationship. Keeping clear, organized, specific documentation about the interactions related to co-parenting can help parents in many ways, including supporting a successful co-parenting relationship, preventing future conflicts and helping them works towards a faster resolution of issues that might involve mediation or court visits.

What kind of interactions should be documented?

Ideally, you will want to document all interactions that relate to co-parenting the children after the divorce. These include:

  • Text and email messages about any parenting time change agreements and other issues, such as health or behavioral concerns
  • Exchanges of photographs, videos and files of the children
  • Receipts and evidence of reimbursements for co-parenting costs
  • Written records of the information from in-person or phone conversations
  • Evidence from parenting apps

Both parents should keep clear records and you might designate a computer folder to keep screenshots of texts, copies of emails, scans of receipts, photographs, videos and files sent. Remember to keep these clearly labeled and protected so you can easily find them when needed.

What are the benefits of keeping clear documentation of co-parenting interactions?

Clear documentation encourages parents to commit to honesty and transparency when raising their children and to respect the changes and agreements they enter. Co-parenting documentation can also help parents prevent unnecessary conflicts since both know there will be proof of their decisions and actions.

Documentation can benefit the whole family. It promotes a healthy co-parenting relationship and keeps both parents accountable for their respective roles in raising their children. Finally, it also protects the children’s best interests.