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What If My Child Doesn’t Want To See Their Other Parent?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2023 | Divorce, Family Law

Divorce is never easy for South Carolina parents, and things get even more complicated when children don’t want to see one of them. Custody switches are some of the most traumatic events that take place after a divorce for parents and children. What can you do if your child doesn’t want to go see their other parent?

Notifying your co-parent

When a family law judge issues a ruling regarding custody and visitation, it is legally binding. Failing to take your child to their other parent when it’s their turn could result in severe sanctions. In ideal situations, both parents work together following a divorce, which can provide some options.

Experts agree that notifying your co-parent as quickly as possible is a good idea. Creating documentation about your child’s refusal to see their other parent protects you. It also allows your co-parent the chance to be flexible if he or she wishes.

Find out why

Children are fickle, and they may not have a good reason to not want to see their other parent. If your child doesn’t want to go because they don’t like the rules in the other house, that’s not a good enough reason to allow them to refuse. Find out what’s prompting this response from your child so you can act accordingly.

Be encouraging

Unless you have reason to believe that your child’s physical or mental welfare is in jeopardy, encourage him or her to spend time with their other parent. Your primary role as a parent is to set a good example for your children while also protecting them. Highlight the importance of spending time with both parents while you try to come to a resolution.

Splitting time between parents is never easy for children. Unfortunately, a child refusing to spend time with one parent has the potential to create a difficult situation for everyone involved.