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Anything You Post Can Be Used Against You During A Divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2023 | Divorce

A divorce can get messy, especially when many disputes arise. In a contested divorce, court intervention is necessary to make resolutions when the divorcing couple cannot agree on issues. You already know that proper decorum is mandatory in the courtroom. How you behave and conduct yourself can influence the decision of the court. Similarly, your former spouse and their legal team can use what you share online or on social media as evidence against you.

Therefore, if you cannot avoid using social media altogether, here are things you should avoid posting when going through a divorce.

Negative statements, remarks or comments about your former spouse

While divorce can be stressful and frustrating, there are better ways to express your anger than ranting about your ex on social media. Disparaging remarks and negative posts online targeting your spouse can make you look abusive or threaten your psychological credibility. It would also be much easier to negotiate with your spouse if you were in amicable terms.

Photos or videos with alcohol or controlled substances

In South Carolina, habitual drunkenness and controlled substance abuse are grounds for divorce. By posting photos with alcohol and narcotics, you might make it seem like you have a substance abuse problem. It is irrelevant whether you were not actually the one consuming the substances. A photo can paint a thousand words. Partying and excessive alcohol consumption can tarnish your reputation in court.

Photos or videos implying you are in a new relationship

Although hanging out with friends is not illegal, you should avoid posting stories, pictures or videos that imply you are in a new relationship until your divorce is through. Remember that until you finalize the divorce, you are still legally married to your spouse. The court does not take adultery lightly.

Suppose your spouse can connect your new relationship to the wasteful dissipation of marital assets. In that case, you might not fare so well when the court decides on an equitable division of marital property.

Photos or videos of extravagant trips or expensive assets

The court will look at the financial circumstance of each spouse before dividing the marital property and awarding spousal support. It might look like you have irresponsible spending habits that can cause the court to rule against you.

A divorce can be a long and grueling legal battle, and you want the best weapons for defense. You should not allow your spouse to have the advantage in the courtroom by incriminating yourself.