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What Are Some Red Flags That Divorce May Be On The Horizon?

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce can sometimes happen unexpectedly. Perhaps one of your friends informed you that they had seen your spouse out on a date and you suddenly found out that an affair had been going on behind your back for some time. This can be a very complicated and drastic change.

But there are many divorce cases in which couples see red flags and warning signs in advance. It can sometimes help you to identify these so that you can plan in advance for the divorce. So what are some of the red flags you want to keep an eye on?

Choosing to spend time apart

Couples do not need to spend all of their time together, and some time apart is good. But if you and your spouse choose to spend more time apart than you do together, you may want to ask yourself why. This can show that the two of you are drifting apart.

Arguments increase or stop

If arguments increase, it could be because your spouse is already thinking about divorce, so they are picking fights over every little thing. But if the arguments stop, that could also mean they’re thinking about divorce and they have checked out of those conversations. They no longer feel any drive to “win” an argument because they know that they’re going to leave the marriage.

Lying about finances

Financial infidelity can also be a sign that divorce may be coming. People will sometimes try to hide assets prior to filing for divorce so that they don’t have to divide them. Financial infidelity can also just be an indicator that trust has broken down in the relationship, which can itself lead to a divorce.

If you and your spouse do decide to get divorced this year, it’s very important to understand all of your legal rights when dividing up the property, considering parenting time and much more.