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3 tips for effective co-parent communication

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2023 | Child Custody Plans

Co-parents must communicate effectively so they can work as a team to raise the children. This isn’t always easy to do, but both sides must take the initiative to keep communication how it should be. 

These few tips may make it easier for co-parents to set ground rules if both co-parents are willing to make the effort.

Keep a professional tone

In conversations between co-parents, it’s always best to keep the tone professional. Any instances of attitude or anger can erode communication. If things do get heated, they should take a step back to calm down before they come back together to finish discussing the matter. 

Focus solely on the children

It’s easy to fall into focusing on the former relationship with the child’s other parent, but this can’t be the focal point of the co-parenting relationship. Instead, co-parents must leave the past behind to focus on the children and their needs. This might become incredibly important during events and times when the children are present, especially if one or both parents have a new romantic interest.

Remain flexible

Co-parenting requires both sides to be flexible. This is especially true for things related to the children. For example, if one parent has an out-of-town family member coming into town, the other parent may need to trade time so the children can have time with that family member. Vacations and trips are other considerations. 

Communication is so vital that it may benefit co-parents to include terms in the parenting plan. This should be comprehensive, covering everything from basic rules to dispute resolution.