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The divorce rate rises during 2020

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2021 | Divorce

Unfortunately, South Carolina couples are not always meant to be together forever. In fact, 2020 showed an increase of 34% in divorce filings throughout the United States. Those living in the southern part of the country were shown to be two to three times more likely to file for divorce than those in the northern part of the country.

What are the reasons for these divorces?

While each divorce is unique from the next, there have been a few different reasons that many couples have supplied for why they chose to divorce. The top reasons include financial stress, disagreements over parenting, boredom and disagreements over household chores. Some couples noted having more than one of these issues as the reason for filing for divorce.

Marriages aren’t lasting as long as they used to

One new shocking statistic that really puts marriage into perspective is that 20% of the couples filing for divorce were just married within the last 5 months. These numbers are showing that couples who realize that they’re having issues are more likely to throw in the towel and move on with their lives. People are starting to veer towards removing themselves from unhealthy relationships as opposed to sticking in an unhappy marriage due to the negative conception around the term divorce.

Divorces and the reasons for them are one area that many researchers continue to follow as the years go by. As recent studies have revealed, the overall divorce rate in the United States has increased during 2020, and southern couples are more likely to undergo divorce than those in the northern part of the country. As the reasons are constantly revealed why these divorces are happening, they help to inform and teach young couples what they need to look out for before getting married.