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Helping You Throughout The Divorce Process

Divorce is the legal process by which marriages are dissolved. During the marriage dissolution process, many decisions must be made. The outcome of this process has the potential to affect your life for years to come.

If you are currently contemplating or are involved in divorce proceedings, you need an experienced family law attorney looking out for your interests. From offices in Conway, Sligh Law Firm has a long history of successfully representing clients in Myrtle Beach, as well as communities throughout the South Carolina Grand Strand region. Since 1973, our firm has been helping clients obtain divorce orders that protect their financial and parental interests.

Help For Every Stage Of The Divorce Process

At , we represent clients during every stage of the divorce or legal separation process. Our family law attorneys assist with property division and alimony issues. If minor children are involved, we will work for fair child support orders and child custody arrangements that respect parent-child bonds.

Strong Representation During Divorce Litigation

During a divorce, emotions often run hot. Disputes regarding property division and child custody can quickly turn litigious. Our attorneys are highly skilled litigators. We have extensive experience representing clients during divorce proceedings in court.

However, we also know that litigation is not always the best way to resolve family law disputes. We are always searching for the most time- and cost-efficient solution to our clients’ disputes. Our lawyers often use methods of alternative dispute resolution — such as negotiation and mediation — to find solutions that benefit our clients and avoid the time, stress and costs of court.

Contact us for help throughout the divorce process. Call 843-919-7747 to schedule a consultation. In addition to serving Myrtle Beach, we also represent clients in Conway and throughout Horry County and Georgetown County.