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How can you work on creating a co-parenting plan with your ex?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Divorce

Parents in South Carolina who have divorced should focus on what’s best for their children. A good co-parenting schedule allows you to do that.

What is a co-parenting plan?

A co-parenting plan is a plan that parents who are no longer together create for spending time with their children. A parenting plan is a contract you both agree to, but it’s possible to make changes when circumstances make it necessary. Co-parenting plans benefit your kids and help them to continue maintaining strong relationships with both parents.

How to create a co-parenting schedule

When you and your ex create a co-parenting schedule, it’s important to put your children first. Divorce is always difficult for them as things change in their daily lives. They have to get used to being in two different homes and have new surroundings to adjust to while with the parent who moved out of the family home.

Always consider your children’s schedules. Work your co-parenting schedule around their schooling, extracurricular activities and seasonal things like camp. There are also other matters to consider, such as when they visit grandparents or other relatives.

A big factor in how you create your co-parenting schedule revolves around your kids’ ages. Some schedules are suitable for younger children but not for older kids such as tweens or teens. However, regardless of your children’s ages, the schedule you ultimately create and agree upon with your ex should fulfill their needs on every level.

The best way to create a co-parenting schedule that works for everyone is to put any negative feelings aside. Even if your divorce was contentious, remember that you and your former spouse are doing what’s best for your kids. Working together can improve your co-parenting abilities and show your children that you’re still a family in spite of the shift in the family dynamic.

Creating a co-parenting schedule can help give your children more of a sense of normalcy after a divorce.