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How to know if parallel parenting is right for you and your ex

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2022 | Family Law

There are many different approaches to parenting that a divorced couple can decide on in South Carolina. These approaches to parenting often depend on who the parents involved are and what sort of relationship they have with one another. Parallel parenting is effective for the many instances when parents may have lingering issues from their divorce and do not align close enough to produce a shared approach to parenting.

What is parallel parenting?

Parallel parenting is a parenting style between divorced parents that emphasizes independence and different parental approaches. It occurs when both parents make their own parenting decisions and have their own approaches to a couple’s children. In parallel parenting, the two parents involved do not have substantial communication or collaboration when making decisions. They may even be estranged to the point that they communicate only in writing. Children must get used to two sets of parenting rules and a diverse array of decisions. They may go to school in the district of one parent while they see another parent on a regular basis and engage in extracurricular activities with that parent. A court might establish primary custody for one parent and then proscribe the ways in which the other parent may spend time with their child.

When is parallel parenting right?

Parallel parenting is effective when the two parents who are divorced have not kept a healthy relationship with each other. In those instances, parenting together may produce fights and arguments that harm the development of a child. They may not be able to agree on anything anymore.

Parallel parenting allows them to go their own way and make the best decisions for their children on their own. It may also be helpful when both parents live far away from one another. It may be logistically easier to reduce communication and simply go their own way.