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How gray divorce can impact adult children

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2023 | Divorce

Gray divorce, also known as late-life divorce, refers to couples who divorce after the age of 50. These divorces are becoming increasingly common in South Carolina, with the rate of gray divorce skyrocketing in the past two decades. While the effects of divorce can be difficult for all family members, adult children can be particularly impacted by a gray divorce.

Loss of the family unit

One of the main ways adult children are affected by gray divorce is through the loss of the family unit. Many adult children have strong emotional ties to their parents, and the dissolution of their marriage can feel like a loss of their childhood and a disruption to their sense of security. This can lead to feelings of grief and sadness, as well as confusion and uncertainty about their relationship with each parent.

Forced to take sides

Additionally, adult children may feel caught in the middle of their parents’ divorce. They may be asked to take sides or to act as mediators between their parents, which can be a difficult and emotionally taxing position to be in. They may also feel pressure to support one parent financially or emotionally, which can be a burden.

Relationships with family and friends

Gray divorce can also impact adult children’s relationship with their partners and children. They may struggle to maintain a healthy relationship with their partner, as the stress and trauma of their parents’ divorce can spill over into their own relationships. They may also have difficulty being a good parent, as they may be dealing with emotional issues stemming from the divorce.

Financial turmoil

Gray divorce can affect adult children’s financial stability. They may have to provide financial support to one or both parents, or they may have to cover expenses that they had not planned for. This can lead to financial strain and stress.

Dealing with the effects of gray divorce

Gray divorce can have a significant impact on adult children. It can lead to feelings of loss and grief, as well as difficulties in maintaining healthy relationships with their own partners and children.

Adult children may also feel caught in the middle of their parents’ divorce and experience financial strain. Adult children need to take care of themselves emotionally and financially during this difficult time and seek support from friends, family and professionals if needed.