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What is the best co-parenting plan?

When parents in South Carolina get a divorce, they often want to split custody 50/50. This can be a great arrangement for the child because it gives them time with both parents, but parents should think carefully before they default to a plan in which the child simply...

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The will executor’s duties

Creating a will for your estate, as well as everything you own or operate, is highly recommended for a myriad of reasons. When an individual has a will in place, it can help reduce infighting among family members and relatives as well as the confusion that surrounds...

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Does divorce impact estate planning?

If someone writes a valid will, the probate court would likely follow the directives in the document even if the will was written many years ago. A relative or another heir may challenge a will in a South Carolina probate court if the document appears to reflect...

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Social media divorce mistakes to avoid

South Carolina couples whose marriages are ending will likely have many instances where their emotions take over. While you might think about discussing them on social media, that's not always the best solution. In fact, there are some necessary mistakes that you need...

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Child custody plans and summer vacation

Every divorce is the product of a unique situation with specific difficulties, especially when children are involved. Divorcing couples in South Carolina can avoid unnecessary emotional turmoil by delineating a custody plan that takes summer vacation into account....

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Is probate actually bad?

South Carolina residents who are thinking about going through the estate planning process likely have many questions. One common one is whether or not probate is actually bad. The truth is that it really depends on your individual situation. What is probate? Probate...

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