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Divorce and business owners

Divorces often have more impact on some families than they do on others. Some are simple, and some can be very complicated when the family operates a business. This can apply in equitable distribution states like South Carolina where the business may or may not be...

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Who gets custody in a pending divorce?

Divorce is often a challenging process, and couples with children will have to make arrangements for custody. Divorce-child custody impacts the entire family so it is important that the children are in the best environment for their growth and development. If you're a...

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What is an anticipatory breach?

If there is an agreement between two parties in South Carolina and one of the parties shows intent to not fulfill their obligation, this is an anticipatory breach of contract or an anticipatory repudiation. The demonstration to breach gives the second party grounds to...

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The length of the divorce process

As South Carolina couples prepare to end their marriage, one of their first questions might be about the length of the divorce process itself. The answer can vary widely, depending on a variety of issues, not least of which is how well the spouses can work together to...

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