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Resolving partnership disputes

Most people form South Carolina business partnerships to help them grow their businesses and make them more profitable. Unfortunately, business disputes can arise between partners, but how you resolve the dispute can make a big difference in the business’s future....

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Who gets the pets in a divorce?

South Carolina residents love their dogs, cats, birds and other pets and consider them members of the family. If a married couple with a pet gets divorced, the situation is often very sad as they wonder who gets custody. Knowing how to navigate pet custody can make...

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Child custody holiday sharing tips

With the holidays coming up, many families in South Carolina are preparing to spend time together. However, this may be a tricky time for parents who share custody of their children. Regardless of your wish for the holidays, it is important to remember that the child...

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What an executor of the estate does

An executor of an estate has many vital responsibilities and must carry them out before a South Carolina judge closes probate proceedings. Essentially, an executor serves as the deceased’s representative during the process. While many understand an executor’s duties...

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