Guardianships And Conservatorships

When a person is not physically or mentally able to care for him- or herself, it may be necessary to appoint a custodian to act on that person's behalf. In South Carolina, these caretaking responsibilities are referred to as guardianships and conservatorships:

  • A guardianship authorizes a person to make decisions regarding another person's health care, medical treatment and general well-being.
  • A conservatorship gives a person decision-making authority over certain financial and legal functions, including managing bank accounts and investments, and paying bills.

Note that the same person can serve as both guardian and conservator. If you are seeking a guardianship or conservatorship over an adult or minor in South Carolina, the attorneys at Singleton, Burroughs, Young & Sligh, P.A., are here to guide you through the process.

We can petition the court on your behalf and help you anticipate and overcome any obstacles that may arise. If you are engaged in a contested guardianship or conservatorship issue, we can protect your rights in or out of court.

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