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​Alternative Dispute Resolution: Saving Time And Money

Arbitration and mediation are alternatives to traditional litigation – and can require less time and cost less money for everyone involved. When you are working through conflict in your divorce or another family law concern, mediation or arbitration can be effective tools in a variety of cases and all courts to resolve any issues in dispute.

At Sligh Law Firm, we understand that family law conflicts have the power to damage your relationships and your finances, and we work with family law clients throughout South Carolina’s Grand Strand region to create fair solutions through alternative dispute resolution. Our firm has extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution, and our lawyers have tremendously reduced the expense and time of conflict resolution for our arbitration clients.

How Arbitration And Mediation Can Benefit You

In most divorce litigation cases in Horry County, mediation is required. With mediation, the parties involved in the dispute attempt with the mediator’s assistance to settle and resolve the case.

In arbitration, the parties in conflict agree on an unbiased third party to arbitrate or reach an acceptable settlement in a dispute. A major advantage of arbitration is that it does not have the cost or delay that comes with formal court proceedings. All parties involved agree the arbitrator’s decision is final.

What are the benefits of these dispute resolution techniques?

  • Mediation and arbitration are often faster and less costly than other forms of dispute resolution.
  • These dispute resolution techniques allow you to negotiate based on your needs and rights, allowing you to protect what is important to you.
  • You have the opportunity to make your voice heard. While other techniques can feel impersonal, mediation and arbitration allow you the opportunity to tell your story as you see it.
  • You can preserve your relationships, especially if you have children who will be impacted by divorce or another legal issue. Avoiding litigation can also avoid escalating your conflicts and putting additional stress on you during an already difficult time.

While reaching an agreement might seem difficult, with an experienced attorney by your side, these tools can help you resolve your disputes while also protecting what matters most.

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