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Myrtle Beach-Area Property Division Attorneys

Property division is one of the most important — and contentious — parts of a divorce. The manner in which property is divided may have a major impact on each spouse’s long-term financial health. It is important to have an experienced divorce attorney on your side to make sure you are getting the property to which you are entitled.

At , our attorneys work as a team to evaluate and value assets, and create property division plans that allow our clients to leave their marriages in the most financially secure manner possible.

Located in the Myrtle Beach area, our firm represents clients in Conway, Horry County and Georgetown County in the Grand Strand region during divorce proceedings.

Protecting Clients’ Financial Interests Since 1973

During divorce, disputes often arise over family homes, retirement accounts, closely-held businesses and other properties, as well as the division of debt. At Sligh Law Firm, our lawyers are skilled litigators. We know how to build successful courtroom strategies that protect our clients’ financial rights. When necessary, we work closely with experts such as forensic CPAs and financial advisors.

However, whenever possible, we attempt to avoid the time, cost and stress of litigation by using our skilled negotiation techniques. No matter what strategy we use, we have one goal: getting you the property division order you deserve.

The Property Division Process

The first step during the asset division process is to determine which properties are marital and which are separate. Separate properties are assets owned prior to marriage, or acquired via gift or through inheritance during the marriage. Marital properties are everything else acquired — by either spouse — during the marriage, or separate properties that have become “commingled.”

At , our attorneys carefully examine our clients’ and their spouses’ properties to ensure we have accurately identified, classified and valued all marital properties. Once we know what is the marital estate, we work to get our clients a fair division of assets.

In South Carolina, marital property is divided based on the principle of equitable distribution. This does not necessarily mean property is divided 50-50 between the spouses. Instead, the courts use a variety of factors to divide marital property based on what is most fair, or equitable; among the factors considered are:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The income, resources and individual debts of each spouse
  • The monetary and non-monetary contributions each spouse made to the property

Divorce And Family Law Legal Counsel For Clients In Horry County And Georgetown County, South Carolina

Protect your property interests during divorce. Contact us at 843-919-7747 to arrange a consultation with one of our Myrtle Beach-area property division lawyers.