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Experienced Guidance For Personal Representatives

If you have been appointed as a personal representative, it is important to fully understand your legal responsibilities. Failure to do so could result in a protracted probate process or even personal liability. The attorneys at Sligh Law Firm can provide you with counsel and advocacy regarding all aspects of your duties as a personal representative.

With proactive planning, you can avoid many of the missteps that make the probate and estate administration process difficult. We are here to help you avoid such problems, and resolve them quickly and efficiently when they do arise. But what does it mean to be a personal representative?

Representing Heirs And Beneficiaries

Personal representatives in South Carolina have the often difficult job of managing a deceased person’s estate, a process that entails court filings, accounting of assets and, often, disputes with heirs, beneficiaries and other parties. A personal representative is ultimately responsible for making sure that debts are collected, creditors paid, and assets distributed to heirs and beneficiaries in accordance with the will. Personal representatives fall under close scrutiny and are bound by the law to act on behalf of the estate.

If you are an heir or beneficiary to an estate and have concerns over the conduct of a personal representative, our probate attorneys can help you explore your legal options. Fraud, self-dealing, mismanagement of estate assets and other misconduct can violate your right to an inheritance. We are experienced trial attorneys who can help you resolve estate disputes in and out of court.

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