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Help With All Manner Of Probate Issues

During the probate administration process, disputes often arise, creditors make claims against the estate and potential beneficiaries may challenge the validity of estate planning documents.

At Sligh Law Firm, we represent personal representatives, beneficiaries, potential heirs, guardians and conservators during estate disputes. Our firm has been representing clients in Conway, Myrtle Beach and communities throughout Horry County and Georgetown County in the South Carolina Grand Strand region since 1973.

Experienced Legal Representation During Probate Litigation

At Sligh Law Firm, our lawyers are experienced litigators. We have extensive experience litigating on behalf of our clients in probate court. In addition to our trial skills, we also use alternative means of dispute resolutions — such as arbitration and mediation — to resolve our clients’ legal disputes in the most efficient manner possible, saving clients the time and costs of litigation.

Experienced Lawyers Serving Conway And Horry County

During probate litigation, there are often numerous factors at play, including money, property, family heirlooms, debt and family relationships. It is important to hire an attorney who will not only protect your financial interests but knows how to navigate the complexities that arise during these types of disputes.

At Sligh Law Firm, we have successfully represented clients during a wide range of estate disputes, including:

  • Will contests and other disputes regarding the validity of estate planning documents
  • Disputes regarding guardianships and conservatorships
  • Accusations against attorneys, in fact, trustees and personal representatives regarding the fulfillment of their duties

If you are involved in an estate dispute in any capacity — as a personal representative, trustee, beneficiary or potential heir — we can help. Contact our law office at 843-919-7747 to schedule a consultation.